How IBM is leading the fight against black box algorithms

Now, with the Fairness 360 Kit, IBM is open sourcing software intended to help AI developers to see inside their creations via a set of dashboards, and dig into why they make decisions.

The software runs as a service on the IBM Cloud and an AI bias detection and mitigation toolkit will be released into the open source community by IBM Research. It promises real-time insight into algorithmic decision making and detects any suspicion of baked-in bias, even recommending new data parameters which could help mitigate any bias it has detected.

Importantly, the insights are presented in dashboards and natural language, “showing which factors weighted the decision in one direction vs. another, the confidence in the recommendation, and the factors behind that confidence,” the vendor explained in a press release.

“Also, the records of the model’s accuracy, performance and fairness, and the lineage of the AI systems, are easily traced and recalled for customer service, regulatory or compliance reasons – such as GDPR compliance.”

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